We can undertake projects that include arranging the basic layout of spaces within a building as well as projects that require an understanding of technical issues such as window and door positioning, acoustics, and lighting. Although an we may create the layout of a space, we may not alter load-bearing walls without having your designs stamped for approval by a structural engineer. We often work directly with engineers and contractors.

Gamma is highly skilled in creating interior environments that are functional, safe, and adhere to building codes, regulations, and ADA requirements. We go beyond the selection of color palettes and furnishings and apply our knowledge to the development of construction documents, occupancy loads, healthcare regulations, and sustainable design principles, as well as the management and coordination of professional services including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and life safety – all to ensure that people can work, live, and learn in an innocuous environment that is also aesthetically pleasing.

An interior designer at Gamma specialize in a various types of interior designs in order to develop technical knowledge specific to that area. Types of interior design include residential design, commercial design, hospitality design, healthcare design, universal design, exhibition design, furniture design and spatial branding.

The profession of interior design is relatively new, constantly evolving, and often confusing to the public. It is a creative profession that is consistently changing and evolving. It is not an artistic pursuit and relies on research from many fields to provide a well-trained understanding of how people are influenced by their environments.